BIS Group is Thailand’s trader on top 5 rank of Key Player in Animal Pharmaceutical, Feed additive and Raw material market with various product range from global supplier. We serve all customer segmentation across ASEAN region with great distribution quality, technical support,after sale service and proper marketing strategy. We covered livestock, aquaculture and pets market.

Beyond Animal Wellbeing


To be the trusted leader of the animal health industry that offers reliable, innovative products, and provides an array of cutting-edge services and creative solutions in Thailand and the ASEAN Economic Community / the ASEAN region.


  • Build a multidisciplinary network of experts with specialized knowledge and expertise – both at home and abroad.
  • Grow the business sustainably and achieve market leadership in Thailand and the ASEAN region.
  • Be a trusted & reliable partner for customers, employees, joint ventures and shareholders.
  • Set the standards for producers, and raise the bar in research & development, innovative technology, and food safety to ensure the highest quality of products.
  • Maintain and enhance the culture of professionalism, collaboration and mutual support where all employees have room to grow.
  • Promote positive change in the development of the livestock & pet industry.
  • Maintain and enhance environmentally friendly policies – internally and externally.


Bioscience animal health
Nutrition improvement company
Feed and ingredients technological hub
Special ingredient service product


Farm Production Consultant
Disease Prevention And MonitoringProgram
Serological Diagnostic Program
Farm Biosecurity and Sanitation Program
Raw Material and Feed Chemical / Physical / Mycotoxin Analysis
Feed Formulation
Feed Production Monitoring Program
Farm Human Resource andTraining

Board of Directors

Vanchai Sriherunrusmee
Vanchai Sriherunrusmee
Dr. Dhanawat Khongjaroen- sombat (DVM.)
Dr. Dhanawat Khongjaroen- sombat (DVM.)
Dr. Rungroj Thavontanakul (DVM.)
Dr. Rungroj Thavontanakul (DVM.)
Dr. Poramase Kampak (DVM.)
Dr. Poramase Kampak (DVM.)
Dr. Suchat Worrawutthangkool (DVM.)
Dr. Suchat Worrawutthangkool (DVM.)
Dr. Kriangkrai Towthirakul (DVM.)
Dr. Kriangkrai Towthirakul (DVM.)
Dr. Jarunop Rujirakamote (DVM.)
Dr. Jarunop Rujirakamote (DVM.)