Special Ingredient Services

Prioritize sourcing strategy by thoroughly selecting quality and standardize products and suppliers. Here are our stratigic business partner.


Founded 9th January 2012 purposed to provide premium quality products from foreign country either domestic partner for AEC customer with commitment


We select and provide premium quality product in order to attainable customer requirement

SIS Services

Nutrition Quality Traceability Program (NQTP)

Objectives :

NQTP is a database collecting Project and qualify ingredient for feed production by Real time analysis from NIR. Utility are for products Traceability either reveal to customer and institution.

Services :

  • Laboratory service
  • Raw material check
  • Nutrients analysis
  • Contamination analysis
  • BIS Certificate of Analysis
  • Raw Material Profile
  • NQTP Report (SIS library)

Mission :

Sourcing Advantage products and innovative services in order to Achieve Market requirement and Customer need.